It’s a dog’s life

Five minutes with the dog whisperer and Max was walking to heel. Whereas I used to walk with my arm outstretched and the dog in the distance, straining at the end of his leash, we now amble along side by side. Amazing! The guy really did seem to speak dog-language. He explained everything in terms of pack mentality. We hadn’t set enough boundaries so the dog was getting confused about his position in the pecking order. Now we have a new regime and Max is (mostly) a model dog.

I’ve been lapse about blogging recently. We had a few weeks off-line between internet providers and I kinda got out of the habit. Plus all my time these days seems to be spent dog-walking, boating, catching up with friends and generally living!

Back to work tomorrow after two weeks’ leave and feeling refreshed and energised. Before that I had a long period of back-to-back viruses between February and May – all part of re-building an effective immune system, I suppose.

Next month I have my final bit of treatment to complete the reconstruction – nipple tattooing; after which apart from annual check-ups that’s it for me at the hospital. Hoorah! After that I will probably wind up this blog because it will have out-grown its purpose, its focus being mainly about recovery.

Better go now, time for the next dog-walk!


You can live your life!

That’s what the surgeon said to me today after giving the reconstructed breast a good pummelling. All fine and dandy, apparently, and I can resume normal activities – whatever they are.

Only remaining bit of work is to get the nipple tattooed in a few months time. When I’d first had the op the new nipple was HUGE – but it shrinks, and will, I’m told,  continue to do so.

The surgeon (the Brilliant Miss Bello) said I had done remarkably well, and I said the same about her, so we parted in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation.

Doesn’t seem that long ago that I was crying in her clinic …