Another year clear

Two years on and no recurrence… that’s what I call a result!


Phew! What a scorcher!

Forget spring, we’ve sprung straight into summer with temperatures in the twenties. The better weather has persuaded Oscar outside – in recent months he’s been staging a sit-in. He’s also now thankfully abandoned his hunger strike and dirty protest and appears to be back to normal. 

Tuesday’s visit to hospital was swift and sweet – they did a mammogram on the ‘good’ side then advised me to wait 7-10 days for the results – although I suspect (hope) that if they did find anything they’d recall me sooner.

Meanwhile I can add Singapore, Columbia, Egypt and Peru to the list of international blog visitors! Intrigued as to why the sudden influx, I looked deeper into the stats and discovered it’s mostly down to google. People searching for things like ‘radiotherapy beams,’ pink smart car’  and ‘chemo survival kit’ are being directed to this site. And a surprising number of people seem to be looking for information about teeth! Hope they’re not too disappointed..


Hello world

In the past 48 hours, I’ve had visitors to this blog from Mexico, Bulgaria, Canada, Qaatar, Venezuela, Slovenia, the States and New Delhi – and I’ve no idea why!!

It’s been a manic Monday after a hectic weekend. Went down to London for JP’s leaving-the-civil-service-for-ever do. Stayed overnight and on Saturday we took out Boris Bikes and cycled down the South Bank.

Boris Bikes are brill. If they didn’t say ‘Barclays’ all over them they’d be quite cool! They are heavy duty, easy to ride and the brakes work – helpful for dodging tourists. 

Tomorrow I go to the breast clinic for my year-on check up. Assuming it’s all ok this is the nearest thing I’ll get to an all clear. Fingers crossed….