He is risen, Hallelujah!

John is an Anglican who goes to church twice a year. I am Catholic but today went to a C of E church with John where the vicar taught us to proclaim ‘The Lord is risen, he is risen Hallelujah!” in sign language.

I am Catholic not because I believe it is the one true church – I don’t – but because Catholicism is where I feel culturally at home. I like the fact that in most countries in the world, you can find a Catholic church and follow the mass even though it’s in a different language. I like the multi-national nature of the congregation at the inner city Cathedral where I go, and the way that, in true Catholic tradition, everyone piles out of the church and into the pub after mass.

On the news yesterday was a story about a Baptist church in Nottingham which got prosecuted for being too loud.  After re-discovering faith years back I experimented with different churches, some scarily evangelical where people tended to fall over and shout a lot. There I always felt like the only sober person at the party.

Personally I feel closer to God in moments of quiet. But each to his own. As far as I am concerned the different denominations are just models of the same thing and the devil’s in the detail.

Having eventually come full circle back to Catholicism, I’m what you might call an ‘a la carte’ Catholic. I don’t deny there’s loads wrong with the Church as an institution. I take the bits I like and disregard the rest.

I love Easter. The Easter story is so powerful and the build-up to it so dramatic. It symbolises new life and renewal. And it happens at a time of year when life begins again in nature.

Max likes Easter too, because he’s got some doggie chocolate. Hallelujah!