Another year clear

Two years on and no recurrence… that’s what I call a result!



Hello world

In the past 48 hours, I’ve had visitors to this blog from Mexico, Bulgaria, Canada, Qaatar, Venezuela, Slovenia, the States and New Delhi – and I’ve no idea why!!

It’s been a manic Monday after a hectic weekend. Went down to London for JP’s leaving-the-civil-service-for-ever do. Stayed overnight and on Saturday we took out Boris Bikes and cycled down the South Bank.

Boris Bikes are brill. If they didn’t say ‘Barclays’ all over them they’d be quite cool! They are heavy duty, easy to ride and the brakes work – helpful for dodging tourists. 

Tomorrow I go to the breast clinic for my year-on check up. Assuming it’s all ok this is the nearest thing I’ll get to an all clear. Fingers crossed….