Perks of the job

With a name like Mr Perks, you couldn’t be anything other than a breast surgeon. What a great name! In a similar vein, there’s also a surgeon at Nottingham called Mr Sharp.

The Brilliant Miss Bello has moved on, so I saw Mr Perks when I went for my recent six monthly check-up. He wanted to see how the reconstructed breast is shaping up. All fine. The next thing they do is tattoo the nipple.

I’ve also got a date for my annual checkup next month – that means it’s coming up to two years since the original diagnosis.

I am just recovering from a bout of gastro-enteritis. One dodgy prawn and my body purged itself for four days continuously. Lovely!

Meanwhile its all gone quiet on the Dr Johnson front. His PR said he’d be in touch soon but no word yet. Perhaps it’s time to chase it.


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