I’ve had dealings this week with people high-up in the hotel chain where my gym is based after a hotel guest exposed himself to me at the side of the pool. When later questioned by a policeman he claimed his shorts had ‘fallen down’ but the CCTV footage proved otherwise.

According to Home Office statistics 12.8% of women in the UK have been flashed at some point in their lives. I’m surprised it’s not higher. It’s happened to me four times!

The first time was in 1987 when Jules and I were in Portugal. We were wandering round the ruins of Sintra as it was getting dark when I saw the man. Realising there was nobody else there except him and us, we legged it quickly to the car.

Flasher number 2 was hiding in the bushes as I walked through University Park on my way to work in about 1994. He later did the same to a plain-clothes WPC and got convicted. Seems he was a regular there.

Number three was more recently on the canal-bank when we were on the boat. John was steering, facing forwards, and I was at the back, facing backwards when I saw the guy on the tow-path. John didn’t see him.

And number four was the poolside flasher. He was with two mates on a stag weekend, and acting like he was still drunk from the night before. First he mooned at me, then took his trunks off and turned round – giving me a full frontal view. I was furious. I shouted : “excuse me there’s a f***ing changing room you know,” told him his behaviour was totally unacceptable in a public place, and he ran away. The hotel is reviewing its procedures.


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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 09:10:40

    It’s happened to me twice – as far as i can recall – tho i did witness someone flashing to a minor several years ago – and of course reported him. It’s scary – both occasions upset me!


    • Mary Jacinta Stevens
      Dec 09, 2011 @ 09:02:19

      It’s happened to me!!! I was only 11 but both my friend and I looked about 16 at that age. He was a young lad and gave us a full frontal view and then casually walked off. Still remember it now.


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