‘Have faith and try to change the world.’

This was the message from political strategist and terminal cancer sufferer Phillip Gould speaking on the Andrew Marr show this morning. He talked candidly about his illness, having been given just three months to live. He described the intensity of  ‘living in the death zone’ and described how cancer had made him a better person.

Of all the recent political memoirs written about the Labour years, his – newly updated – is the one I most want to read, not for any further revelations about Brown/Blair differences but for his insight into how to deal with such a prognosis.

We are going to download it onto John’s iPad so I can read it on holiday. Now I never thought I would read a book on an electronic device, but recently read Return of the Goon Squad on the iPad and found reading on screen tolerable, if a little strange. Possibly not the best book to read electronically – it’s a novel that jumps around a lot, each chapter introducing new groups of interconnecting characters, and I wanted to flick back and remind myself of who the people were and what had gone before, but couldn’t – although there’s probably some techie way of doing so.

So I wouldn’t say I’m a convert, although less of a luddite than I used to be. John on the other hand always embraces new technology and devours e-books by the hundred. I can see the advantages, particularly when heading off on holiday which we are due to do soon. Greece this time – wonder if their economy will withstand our visit?


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  1. Lucy
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 06:48:04

    Have a fab time!x


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