How’s this for an opening line?

“Do you mind my asking,  have you had an LD flap?” – said a woman in the gym changing room. She’d spotted my scar. For those not in the know LD flap is surgical lingo for the operation I had last year – the one where they use back muscle to fill in the gap.  Thankfully, I didn’t mind her asking, because she wanted detail. And actually I’m quite proud of the scar.

I’ve joined a new health club 10 minutes from here which is only £19.99 a month and it’s got a swimming pool; although yesterday they shut the pool due to high chlorine levels. There were some disgruntled women who’d turned up for an aquaerobics class and been told to get out of the water. Slightly worrying; my body’s had quite enough exposure to toxic chemicals recently, thank you.

Meanwhile recently I’ve been falling short of the 350-word-a-day goal I’d set for finishing the novel. No martinis for me then – not least because we’ve given up drinking (in the house) for Lent. JP’s got round this by going to the pub.


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  1. Alexandra Wallace-Currie
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 17:57:32

    Clare, thank you for connecting today. It’s so nice to hear from a sister in the hood, especially with the same attitude! Good luck with your operation, I look forward to following your blog and hearing about your success in treatment!


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