The Sinead effect

I don’t look much like the photo on the title banner any more. I have very short dark hair – quite severe. Kind people keep saying it suits me. I have the cheekbones for it, apparently. But as far as I’m concerned it can’t grow fast enough. And it’s not growing at anything like the half an inch a month rate it’s supposed to.

I used to wonder why so many women of a certain age chose to have very short haircuts. Now I think they’ve probably all had breast cancer. I want to tell the world ‘it’s not a choice’. There are advantages though; you can’t do a thing with it. No blow-drying. No styling. Getting ready in the morning’s much quicker now I’m just a wash ‘n go girl.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. david
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 14:59:09

    About time, Clare!

    And nicely designed.



    • The martini effect
      Feb 27, 2011 @ 16:36:57

      Thanks Dave, This is a better platform than blogger – you can do more with it and I’m just discovering what. I’ve worked out how to import the old blog but now it reads like one long blog..


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