They don’t give you the ‘all clear’

They just zap you with everything they’ve got then send you merrily on your way, with a wave and a smile and a ‘come back next year’.

I thought they’d do a scan or something.

Saw a registrar yesterday, who looked about 19. He assured me the pimple on my tongue (a small thing but it’s wreaking havoc with my neurosis) is NOT anything sinister like a secondary cancer but merely a pimple on my tongue. He also refused to refer me to a cognitive behaviour therapist because he says I’m not depressed. I know I’m not, at the moment anyway. I just fancied talking to an expert about the way I think.

Been dog walking again this morning. This time she behaved herself. She found a flourescent pink squeaky ball in the snow, which helped.

Going for work Christmas do later. Question is, what to wear? Can’t go for anything vaguely low cut as it will show off the radiotherapy marks. (They draw on you daily in enduring marker pen and I can’t be bothered to scrub it off). Think I’ll go for something warm but mildly festive, as it’s still bloody cold out there.


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