Let it snow..

The whiteout continues. Wonder how long it will be before it brings our fragile infrastructure to a standstill?

Selfishly, I’m liking it. I don’t have to go anywhere except to hospital and I’ve kind of enjoyed trudging there and back through freshly driven snow.

When I worked as a local newspaper reporter this sort of weather was a gift – we’d send a photographer out and fill the paper with snow stories.
Snow brings out a sort of Dunkirk spirit in people. I remember one especially slippy day during last year’s big freeze forming a human chain with a bunch of eclectic strangers so we could get across the road.

Machines don’t seem to like the cold though, the boiler broke down on Sunday, the dishwasher’s on a go-slow, the cooker’s become temperamental and yesterday the device that beams radiation into me threw a wobbly too, meaning things weren’t quite so punctual. Hoping this jinx doesn’t affect the trains as JP’s got to get back from London.

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  1. Joy
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 18:36:22

    Carolyn got here from Australia today but I had trouble getting up our hill…its the weather to stay indoors and watch back to back come dine with me in front of the fire – rock and roll!


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