Just when we thought I’d got it licked..

I’ve developed a mouth ulcer at the base of my tongue. A miniscule thing but it’s wreaking havoc. Everything I swallow has to pass near there so eating is an effort. Food must be soft or preferably liquidised.

It’s the chemo’s final assault before retreating from my system for ever.

I am hoping it will get better of its own accord, but I’ve had it three days now and the pain has started to spread up my ear canal so I may have to get it checked out. I guess you need white cells even to fight a mouth ulcer.

Red cells, white cells, platelets; chemo attacks so many of the body’s natural defences. I hope it has been as ruthless with any lingering cancer traces. It is only when the system’s out of sync that you realise what an amazing triumph of design and engineering the human body is.


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