Treats in store

These are things I’m looking forward to when treatment is finished…..
  • Return of the taste-buds – mulled wine and mince pies tasting as they should (Christmas is coming).
  • Hair growing back – thicker and even curly!
  • Holidays in the sun – or at least further than a couple of hours drive from Nottingham City Hospital
  • Running, swimming and going to the gym; I actually miss these things. (The gym has promised me a personal trainer when I return.)
  • Fingernails growing back. Yes they’re knackered too!
  • Going to gatherings – Christmas is coming.
  • Cinema trips – only been once while on chemo and had to go early afternoon when the place was empty.
  • Skin rejuvenating – chemotherapy dries it out and bits are peeling off.
  • Ditching the thermometer, and with it the paranoia
  • Having a massage –  banned during treatment because it stimulates lymph glands.

Well Halloween weekend is nearly over and not one trick-or-treat-er. What are we going to do with all those Quality Streets?


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