Fame at last?

When I heard the Nottingham Post were doing an article I envisaged three pars on about page 17 – or at the very most a half pager.

They’ve given it front page lead plus double page spread inside. Blimey!!!

Here’s the links:

Picture’s not bad, either, although I think I prefer the one of seven Alsation police puppies….


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 13:54:27

    Hey cover-girl! Great article! Lucyx


  2. Anonymous
    Oct 17, 2010 @ 22:31:12

    Dear Clare

    Front page headlines! You and the newspaper article are truly amazing.

    I would recommend the following to all readers of this blog: Poetry Please on Radio 4 – Roger McGough introduces poems that mark life's transitions, from the cradle to the grave.
    (iPlayer) available for the next 13 days.

    Sweet dreams to all

    Andrew the Bike


  3. Anonymous
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 05:11:13

    The puppies look cute too. :p

    — Dave


  4. analytics
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:29:56

    Hey sweetie! Got back from Carcassonne with Jane & David to find you staring us in the face as the cover girl and centre fold!
    Post card probably delayed by general strike.


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