While the cat’s away..

On Saturday night while I was in Purgatory the house survived an invasion by 20 twenty-year-olds.

We handed over the house to John’s daughter for her 20th birthday party – theme The 90s.  Funny – the 90s seems like yesterday to me but to them it’s their childhood.

I was quite glad I was out of the way in hospital with other things to worry about. JP stayed at Gerard’s and pitched up at 9am to find the girls already clearing up.

Seems a good time was had by all, no damage done, and the neighbours are still speaking to us. I keep finding bangles and pink hairspray everywhere!

Been horizontal most of the past couple of days but slowly recovering. Had a blood-test earlier and my bloods are on the up and up. It’s reassuring to know that if I pick up a virus I can now fight it off myself.


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