In the wars

Just when I thought I was getting away with it I woke up yesterday thinking I’d done ten rounds with a prize-fighter, every joint in my body aching and my mouth feeling like it had been swilled out with acid.

So I left the boys to tackle the tidal Trent while I nursed my malaise.

Today things are marginally better but it’s still taking a while to mobilise and chewing even the tiniest morsel is painful. I’m craving soft sweet things that are easy to eat so JP has gone out to get me rice pudding and jelly.

By comparison with the first three treatments, this is hard-core chemo-shit. Forget stoicism, I cried like a baby yesterday.

It will pass……


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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 30, 2010 @ 08:49:18

    Thinking of you, sending you all our love and we hope that this stage passes soon,

    love Bex, Rick and boys xxxx

    p.s. we have lots of rice pud in this house, so if you ever want any top-ups delivering, just say the word….


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