Star patient

I posted an idea in the Oncology suggestions box: if appointments are running an hour or more behind why not send an SMS text message to outpatients so they can arrive later, stay out for longer and don’t have to be so patient in the waiting room? Wonder if they’ll go for it?

Everyone (oncologist, nurses etc) is impressed with my progress. All the blood tests came up good. I feel like I’ve just passed all my exams with an A star!

Tomorrow is the first dose of Docetaxel. We saw someone reacting badly to this drug last time. He couldn’t breathe and they brought him oxygen. Scary stuff. But another guy on the same drug was so laid back he slept through the whole thing, so it’s horses for courses.

To minimise the risk of an allergic reaction you take a double dose of steroids starting today, so I’ll be twice as hyper. They give you an illusory feeling of invincibility. It’s like Prozac without the wait. The results are instant. On steroids, I can do ANYTHING!


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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 15:08:21

    “Everyone (oncologist, nurses etc) is impressed with my progress. All the blood tests came up good.”

    That's fantastic, Clare. Now just enjoy the steroids!

    ~ Dave


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