Any fool can wear a white coat

Just been to see my oncologist who was mysteriously absent so they sent someone from the subs bench out instead. Someone who appears to have missed out on her basic training.

After telling me I was ‘fine’ she said: “have we taken a blood sample from you today?”

I told her they’d done one yesterday and should by now have the results, hence the purpose of my visit. She went away to find them, came back and told me once more I was ‘fine’. Begs the question – how did she know the first time if she hadn’t looked at the results?

She also asked me if I had my next chemo booked in. I told her it’s tomorrow, hence the purpose of my visit.*

Not sure she even knew who I was let alone how I was.

Not convinced she knew what she was doing …..

She finished off with: “You’re fine.. off you go,” and with an exaggerated flurry of the hand, dismissed me.

Some doctors are almost autistic in their lack of people skills. Actually that’s unkind to people with autism.

Meanwhile the World Cup may be over but not in our street. Someone’s bought the neighbour’s kids a vuvuzela. It’ll be b flat major all summer..

* Before each chemo you go for blood tests then see the oncologist to get the results and check you are fit for the next chemo.


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