Things to do in Sherwood when you’re sick

1. Visit the tropical house in Woodthorpe Park. Good place to go if it’s cold as they keep it at a constant (tropical) temperature. Wander among the lemon and banana trees and watch big South African fish. This place is a real hidden gem. There’s hardly ever anyone else in there, apart from the odd nutter (mostly harmless).
2. Go for a smoothie in mm deli. Sit in the window, read the papers and watch the world.
3. Have a beauty treatment at one of the many salons. I’ve just been for reflexology (feet). Don’t go to the nail bar though because it smells.
4. Report some Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) to the local neighbourhood police. The Mansfield Road Police Station is manned these days! If you need some ASB to witness try Burnham Street.
5. If you’ve got the energy, take a walk over to Mapperley and do some chocolate tasting. (If you eat enough of them you will be sick).
6. Call in at Craft Worskhop and learn some needlework – kind of like occupational therapy.
7. Head down to the Forest and visit the outdoor gym. Actually you need to be feeling quite well to do this.
8. Browse round the charity shops, you might pick up a bargain. They’re full of wedding frocks at the moment. A year late for some.
9. Stroll round Woodthorpe Park and chat to friendly dog walkers – legendary for their sense of community. Helps if you’ve got a dog but you can always pretend.
10. Go for lunch at Yianni’s, afternoon tea at Le Mistral and if you’re still out by evening time and you’ve got a large appetite check out Ania’s – especially if you like free vodka.


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  1. Anonymous
    May 28, 2010 @ 16:53:56

    Perhaps you should write the 'Rough Guide to Sherwood!' while you're convalescing
    Lucy D x


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