Open day at the chemo clinic

Joy came with me to meet the chemo people – because two heads are better than one.

Our ‘chat’ turned out to be a half-day information session for me and some other chemo hopefuls and included a presentation, Q&A, blood tests and a one-to-one with a nurse.

I came away with lots of scary facts and a wig prescription.

Debbie – the nurse – also threw in a tour of the ward so I could view people having their treatment, which involves sitting there for an hour or more while the drugs drip into you. The patients looked, well, patient!

And I got to try on a cold cap, which is a sort of gel-based swimming hat taken straight from the freezer. It prevents hair-loss by freezing the follicles. It felt like slabs of ice pressing around my head. Not for the nesh!

Debbie said because my hair is fine it’ll probably fall out, cap or no cap. She said if it was Joy’s hair, which is thick, it would be different. That’s why two heads are better than one.

Later this week I’m off to check out wig shops.

Meanwhile it is JP’s turn to come out in sympathy. He’s hurt his leg and went to work on crutches. I suspect the division of labour may be shifting back to previous arrangements …


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Joy
    May 25, 2010 @ 07:18:41

    for some people cold heads are better than warm…


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