Gordon is right

About nurses being angels. When I went back on the ward to have my dressings removed they greeted me like a long-lost sister. They are now dealing with another intake of people going through what I went through, and so it goes on, day in day out, week after week. So here’s to Sarah and Rachel and Becky and Marcia and Adele and all the other Gillies girls who give of their best, day and night.

The auxilliaries who came to wash me in the mornings wanted everyone to vote Lib Dem because apparently Clegg has pledged to put their wages up to a whopping £8.30 an hour. Currently they earn little over £6.

Just been to the synagogue to vote. This is an interesting election for me and my colleagues because we work for a bit of Government that may be done away with if certain of the parties get in.

Some of the candidates have been banging on about bureaucrats in the civil service wasting tax-payers money, but I’d say that if there is time and resource wasted it is spent doing the bidding of politicians – and that is true whatever hue of Government is in power.


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